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बी0ए0/बी0एस-सी0/बी0काम भाग- एक ,दो व तीन वर्ष 2020 की मुख्य परीक्षा कोरोना के कारण स्थागित हुई थी , पुनः दिनाँक-15/07/2020 से प्रारम्भ है,परीक्षा कार्यक्रम संलग्न है ।

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Welcome to Lakhan Lal Sharan Singh Mahavidyalay

Lakhanlal Sharan Singh Mahavidyalaya provides a unique environment in which leading scholars and promising students strive together to expand fundamental knowledge of human nature, society, and the natural world. This web site is one way for us to keep you informed about these new developments. College welcomes to its fold students from any part of India to build a sense of nationalism. College believes in nurturing its students and providing opportunities to the less privileged . We encourage the spirit of service & participation. We believe that together we can work towards a change in society emphasizing the role that students can play. We believe in working towards a just and equitable society.
Lakhanlal Sharan Singh Mahavidyalaya is committed to making every effort to give its students and staff the best possible opportunity for academic proficiency and growth. The efforts are to inspire the students to grow into mature students, with a strong sense of social and national responsibility. Our college believes in continuing the tradition of working for peace and empowering students.